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We are an online language school offering private tutoring

Easy Languages is an online language school. We provide private tutoring online, because learning a new language with a private tutor online is faster, easier, and more fun than other language learning methods. If you plan to 2109623195 or if you plan to study English online, we can offer you a language course that fits your needs.

  • 1 on 1

    Private tutoring - You determine learning goals, pace, and focus of your private language lessons
    Enjoy all the benefits of private tutoring.

  • 24/7

    Fair - Each online language class is 60 minutes
    With us, 1 hour means 60 minutes. Thus, we offer you great value for money.

  • Full hour

    Flexible - Schedule classes 24/7.
    Schedule and reschedule flexibly.

  • no risk

    Safe – try it 100% free.
    Sign up and schedule a free trial class.

    Choosing a language school is a big deal – we know that. That‘s why we offer you a free trial class before you decide. You need a valid form of payment that will be charged with 0.99 EUR before the trial class. Why do you charge me?

How it works: Language learning online with us is easy

After you have signed up and scheduled your first class you simply log in to your Skype account from wherever you are and start to learn online with your private tutor. She or he will have you help you master any specific difficulties you may have.

We put you in the driver's seat. Preparing you for real conversations with real people. Our teaching approach is catered to your learning goals and needs. Please read our "how it works"-section, send us an email or call us, if you have any more questions.

Language teachers and language tutors

Our language teachers are really language tutors. While a teacher will normally stick to a predefined plan a private language tutor is much more flexible adapting to your specific needs and addressing the challenges you are facing.

All of rainbow fish are native speakers or have a foreign language teaching certificate and have been thoroughly tested for quality by us.

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